Play Sessions

Weekday term time play…

Booking is not required and there is no time limit on your length of stay. You can join in with our free cooking club session at 11.00am, Toddler Dance class at 1.00pm & Free Arts & Craft class at 1.30pm. You can also see Spider-Man at 11.30am every Monday and Friday! Meal Deals are also available. You can choose a choice of children’s meal, cup of cordial and play for only £8.75 for 2 years plus and only £7.25 for 1 year olds. Juice & Biscuits is also available for Toddlers not having a Meal Deal.


Weekends and School Holidays…

All indoor play centres are busier in school holidays and weekends, especially wet & cold ones!!

We advise ringing us to book on the hour or half past the hour for a 2 hour play session. We are open from 9.30am and take phone bookings from 8.30am. We open at 10.00am on Sundays and take phone bookings from 9.00am. We do get full, so please ring us on 01772 823889 to book your 2 hour session to avoid disappointment of turning up and for us being full.